Water control emulsifier

AQUABAN represents an industry-recognized, proven method for the rapid absorption and emulsification of water from oil storage tanks.

AQUABAN is formulated with the most up-to-date chemical components developed to cope with the potential problems associated with “today’s” fuels.

AQUABAN is a highly concentrated composition of proven, highly active solvents and emulsifiers that work together to effectively provide these critical functions:

  • Eliminating water accumulations that contribute to slime and fungus
  • Inhibiting moisture due to condensation
  • Minimizing potentially harmful effects of water deposits, such as corrosion, oilline freeze-ups, ignition and combustion failures
  • Lessening tendency for sludge and sediment formation
  • Optimizing combustion performance by supplying clean product to burner
  • Avoiding flame-outs and unnecessary service calls

AQUABAN has long served as one of Parke Hill Chemical’s premier fuel additives. Like every chemical offered by C & S Scientific, AQUABAN has been developed by individuals with decades of formal training and hands-on experience with every phase of fuel handling operations, system design, oil chemistry and technology, and environmental considerations.

Application: For problem tanks, C & S Scientific recommends injecting two to three pints AQUABAN to a 275 gallon storage tank. As a preventative, inject one pint to a 275 gallon tank just prior to the first fall delivery, and with every subsequent delivery.

NOTE: For most effective results, if possible extreme water accumulations due to leakage or seepage should be pumped out prior to treatment.

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