ULTRA-Concentrated Cold Flow Improver And DIESEL CONDITIONER

DIESEL-ADD 7500 is formulated with the most up-to-date chemical components developed to cope with the potential problems associated with today’s diesel fuels. It is equally effective with ULSD, Low Sulfur Diesel, BIODIESEL blends from B2 to B20, and with all type of distillates including #2 home heating oils..

DIESEL-ADD 7500 is a simple, effective and economical means of producing a customized winter fuel, or of directly improving upon the limitations of any premixed winterized product.

DIESEL-ADD 7500 is an ultra-concentrated composition of proven highly fuel enhancers, cold flow improvers, synergists, and wax anti-settling agents that work together to effectively provide these critical functions:

  • adding highest levels of lubricity, fuel stability, cetane, and improving fuel economy
  • yielding cold flow properties typical of at least 35% kerosene blends
  • lowering Pour Point and Cold Filter Plugging Point
  • reducing icing tendency by controlling condensation and water buildup
  • extending cold flow operability by retarding the separation, growth, and congealment of paraffin wax crystals
  • suppressing exhaust smoke and adverse diesel emissions
  • increasing fuel economy and prolonging engine life

This additive complies with federal 15ppm low sulfur requirement for use in motor vehicles diesels.

Application: One gallon DIESEL-ADD 7500 per every 7,500 gallons of fuel. To prevent excessive viscosity of the additive, product should be stored above freezing.
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