INJECTROL is formulated with the most up-to-date chemical components developed to cope with the potential problems associated with today’s straight and blended diesel fuels, especially ULSD, when being subjected to the higher operating pressures and temperatures of new model vehicles. INJECTROL is especially effective in countering the increased formation of carbon deposits likely to occur in high-pressure fuel injection (HPFI) systems.

INJECTROL permits direct control of the additive by the fuel dealer or fleet operator rather than indirect control at the refinery…and is an effective and economical means of improving upon the limitations of all diesel and biodiesel product even including non-HPFI, non-ULSD, and B2-B20 bio blends.

INJECTROL is a concentrated composition of proven highly active fuel conditioners, detergents, corrosion inhibitors, antioxidants, stabilizers, and water inhibitors, working together to effectively provide these critical functions:

  • Reducing high pressure HPFI injector nozzle coking and fouling
  • Suppressing exhaust smoke, diesel emissions, and engine noise
  • Reducing sludge and sediment formation and deposition
  • Minimizing blocking and clogging of filters and injectors
  • Maximizing and extending fuel quality
  • Providing water and anti-rust/corrosion inhibition
  • Improving product stability and homogeneity
  • Increasing overall fuel economy and prolonging engine life
  • Effective in biodiesels up to B20, non-ULSD, and older engine types

Complies with the 15 ppm federal low sulfur content requirements for use in motor vehicles diesel fuel.

Application: For optimum performance, use a consistent treatment rate of 1 gallon of INJECTROL per every 3,000 gallons, (ie. 2.5 gallons per 7,500 gals of diesel fuel). To attain full blending, INJECTROL may be directly metered into the product line during filling, or batch blended with agitation into the fuel supply. If existing deposits are high, then an initial ratio of 1:1,500 will accelerate clean-up process.

NOTE: INJECTROL is available in drums and in convenient small packaging sizes.

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