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C & S Scientific Corp. is a modern chemical company formed by experts that are knowledgeable in all phases of “today’s” heating oil and diesel fuel treatment technology and application. Ever since its founding, the company has been devoted to providing the type of high quality field and technical support specifically required by the oil dealer and/or fuel distributor. As a result, C & S immediately distinguished itself to its customers for not only supplying high quality cost-effective chemical treatments, but also for providing many free and meaningful support services. These include the design and installation of automatic chemical injection systems, fuel analyses by either on-site or mail-in samplings, documented technical reports, expert mechanical/plant design advice, marketing literature and strategies, detailed chemical programs, and customized products developed to cope with specific handling requirements.

A significant development occurred with the acquisition of the fuel oil additive product line of Parke Hill Chemicals. This event enabled a major expansion in the type of products available, and in the variety of packaging sizes. More importantly, the acquisition allowed for the opportunity to develop additional products utilizing the best formulations derived from the positive experiences of both companies.

The driving force behind C & S Scientific are its personnel, all experienced in the fuel oil industry and with a broad knowledge of the technical and practical aspects of fuel chemistry, handling, and utilization. At the head of the company are two individuals who possess unique and diverse areas of expertise.

Jerry Sava has a BS in Chemical Engineering, an MBA in Business Management, and an MS in Metallurgy from MIT. He has been involved for many years in the Research and Development of products and programs to enhance the quality and stability of fuel oils, in addition to having written and presented countless papers on fuel oil technology. He has developed many specialty oil treatments that have helped to make C & S a recognized leader in fuel additive development and marketing.

Pat Cerminaro is experienced and well versed in all aspects of plant processes and operational procedures. His talents include the design and implementation of systems to ensure automatic and accurate additive injection, as well as the coordination of all onsite troubleshooting and logistical requirements. His guidance has helped to make certain that C & S customers receive the best information and support necessary to satisfy any fuel demand.

Adhering to the standards set by these two individuals, C & S Scientific has remained faithful to its mission of advancing fuel’s image with the consumer by providing clean and efficient oil heat and diesel operations, enhanced through the proper application of modern and reliable fuel additive treatments.