An Immediate Revenue Producer for the Oil Dealer! An Immediate Sense of Comfort for the Homeowner!

Increase the annual Net Profit from existing customers by $15,000 (1500 account basis)

Protect storage tanks against corrosion with TANK SHIELD
Protect storage tanks against oil fouling with FUEL GUARD

Example of A Dealer’s Potential for Added Revenue:

TANK SHIELD and/or FUEL GUARD added once during heating season Requirements per customer: 1, 3-oz bottle of Tank Shield = $3.85


1, 3-oz bottle of Fuel Guard = $3.85

Typically, the dealer adds $15-$20 to his service contract for the option of adding the treatment program. Therefore, the annual net profit is typically more than $10 per account!

SUGGESTION: Reward your serviceman with a $1 – $2 bonus per account successfully solicited. Result?? More take home pay for employees without any added cost to owners.

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