Multi-functional Fuel Oil Conditioner

TREAT NOW represents a new dimension in additive chemistry. Its unique formulation helps to ensure a clean and readily combustible product, free of handling and firing problems, and capable of performing at optimum efficiency.

TREAT NOW consists of a unique and enhanced composition of chemical components, including antioxidants and stabilizers, specifically developed to cope with the potential problems associated with “today’s” fuels — especially to mitigate any possible short or long term adverse effects of biofuels from B2 to B20. It is designed to be extra effective in maintaining long term quality and stability of fuel oils, thereby inhibiting the accumulation, repolymerization, and deposit of hydrocarbon sediment and sludge.

TREAT NOW provides a high concentration of active oil enhancers, stabilizers, anti- oxidants, surfactants, penetrants, combustion improvers, and corrosion inhibitors, that work together to effectively provide these critical functions:

  • Maintaining and extending product stability, uniformity and homogeneity
  • Preserving fuel viscosity, fuel integrity, and other fuel specifications necessary for ideal fuel combustion, and thereby minimizing soot and carbon buildup
  • Dissolving existing sludge gradually, and immediately stopping further buildup
  • Inhibiting corrosion of tanks and lines and deactivating adverse reactions
  • Removing water and controlling condensation
  • Creating an environment hostile to biological growth
  • Purging strainers, filters, and lines free of asphalts, gums, and tars
Application: One gallon TREAT NOW per 7,500 gallons of  fuel oil. To facilitate additive handling, we offer assistance in the design and installation of injection systems.
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