FORMULA S/B represents a unique breakthrough in the rapid elimination of slime and other contaminants from distillate oil storage tanks and lines.

FORMULA S/B is formulated with the most up-to-date chemical components developed to cope with storage problems associated with “today’s” fuels.

FORMULA S/B is a super-concentrated composition of proven, highly active oil enhancers that work together to effectively provide these critical functions:

  • Eliminating existing slime and inhibiting further growth
  • Creating an environment hostile to organic growth
  • Penetrating any biomasses and converting sludge to usable oil
  • Facilitating fuel oil quality maintenance in fuel storage tanks
  • Optimizing conditions to provide trouble free handling and combustion

FORMULA S/B , like every chemical offered by C & S Scientific, has been developed by individuals with decades of formal training and hands-on experience with every phase of fuel handling operations, system design, oil chemistry and technology, and environmental considerations.

Application: A shock treatment rate of at least one gallon FORMULA S/B per 1,000 gallons of fuel oil is recommended. Depending upon tank condition, subsequent treatments at the same or at a more dilute ratios (ie 1:2000) is advised. Consult C&S for usage schedule for specific cases.

NOTE: Additive is best added with agitation preferably at time of delivery.

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