PMT 2700

Concentrated Preventive Maintenance Treatment

PMT 2700 is easy to transport and use by the driver or serviceman, since only one quart is required for every 2500-3000 gallons of fuel

PMT 2700 is an ultra-concentrated composition of proven, highly-active fuel conditioners that work together to effectively provide these critical functions:

  • Maintaining product stability, uniformity and homogeneity
  • Dissolving existing sludge gradually while acting to stop further buildup
  • Improving combustion efficiency by destroying soot and carbon deposits
  • Removing water and controlling condensation formation
  • Inhibiting corrosion of tanks and lines
  • Minimizing environmentally-harmful hydrocarbon and sulfurous air pollutants
  • Creating an environment hostile to bacterial growth

PMT 2700 is conveniently packaged in cases of 12 x 1 quarts so that it can be easily added by the driver into every 2,500 — 3,000 gallon tankwagon delivery of fuel oil.

PMT 2700 allows the oil dealer to easily additize the fuel, especially when the dealer is purchasing product at outside terminals and then delivering direct to the homeowner.
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