Concentrated all-season Diesel Fuel Enhancer

The DIESEL-ADD Series is a group of uniquely individualized diesel additives that can be used at treatment ratios varying from 1:1,000 up to 1:7,500 … with equally effective results regardless of which DIESEL-ADD concentration is used.

DIESEL-ADD is equally effective with ULSD, Low Sulfur Diesel, BIODIESEL blends from B2 to B20, and with all type of distillates including #2 home heating oils..

DIESEL-ADD permits direct control of additive by the dealer rather than indirect control at the refinery. Its broad selection of concentrations and packaging allows for optimum compatibility to satisfy any logistical requirements.

DIESEL-ADD is an ultra-concentrated composition of proven highly concentrated fuel conditioners, stabilizers, cetane and lubricity enhancers, water and corrosion inhibitors, cold flow improvers, synergists, heavy wax modifiers, deicers, and wax anti-settling agents, that work together to effectively provide these critical functions:

  • Adding highest levels of lubricity, fuel stability, cetane, and corrosion inhibition
  • Yielding cold flow properties typical of at least 35% kerosene blends
  • Lowering Pour Point and Cold Filter Plugging Point
  • Reducing icing tendency by controlling condensation and water buildup
  • Extending cold flow operability by retarding the separation, growth, and congealment of wax crystals
  • Suppressing exhaust smoke and adverse diesel emissions
  • Increasing fuel economy and prolonging engine life

Complies with the 15 ppm federal low sulfur content requirements for use in motor vehicles diesel fuel.

Application: One gallon DIESEL-ADD per every 1,000 — 7,500 gallons of diesel fuel (depending upon which formulation is being used).
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