Cold Flow concentrate for Distillate Fuels

The Antigel Series is a group of distillate fuel additives especially developed to be most compatible with the logistical requirements of the modern fuel supplier or user. This is accomplished through a process that results in uniquely individualized ANTIGEL products that can be used at treatment ratios varying from 1:1,000 up to 1:7,500…. with equally effective results regardless of which concentration is chosen.

ANTIGEL is formulated with chemical components specifically developed to cope with the potential problems associated with “today’s” fuels.. including #2 home heating oil, low and high sulfur diesel, ULSD, and all bioblends from B2 — B20.

ANTIGEL serves as a simple, effective and economical means of directly improving upon the limitations of any premixed winterized product.

ANTIGEL contains concentrates of proven highly active cold flow improvers, heavy wax modifiers, wax anti-settling agents, deicers, and synergists, that work together to effectively provide these critical functions:

  • yielding cold flow properties typical of at 40%-50% kerosene blends
  • lowering substantially the Pour Point and Cold Filter Plugging Point
  • reducing icing tendency by controlling condensation and water buildup
  • extending cold flow operability by retarding the growth and congealment of wax crystals and by accelerating wax reliquification

ANTIGEL has been developed by individuals with decades of formal training and hands-on experience of every phase of fuel handling operations, system design, oil chemistry and technology, and environmental considerations.

Complies with 15ppm federal low sulfur content for use with motor vehicle diesel fuels

Application: One gallon of ANTIGEL per every 1,000 — 7,500 gallons of distillate oil (depending upon the recommended treat ratio for the specific additive being used).
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