ENHANCED Fuel Oil Conditioner with cold flow improver

TREAT NOW ANTIGEL helps to ensure a clean and readily combustible fuel, free of gelling, handling, and firing problems – capable of performing at maximum efficiency.

It is designed to be extra effective in optimizing cold weather fluidity, long term fuel quality, and stability.

TREAT NOW ANTIGEL is a super-concentrated composition of proven, highly active oil enhancers and cold flow improvers that work together to effectively provide these critical functions:

  • Yielding cold flow properties typical of at least 30% kerosene blends
  • Lowering Pour Point and Cold Filter Plugging Point, thereby eliminating fuel gelling and paraffin clogging
  • Maintaining product stability, uniformity and homogeneity
  • Preserving fuel viscosity, fuel integrity, and other fuel specifications necessary for ideal fuel combustion, and thereby minimizing soot and carbon buildup
  • Dissolving existing sludge gradually, and preventing continued deposition and repolymerization
  • Purging strainers, filters, and lines free of asphalts, gums, and tars
  • Removing water and controlling condensation formation
  • Inhibiting corrosion of tanks and lines
  • Creating an environment hostile to biological growth
Application: A consistent treatment rate of one gallon TREAT NOW ANTIGEL per 2,000 — 7,500 gallons of fuel oil (depending upon concentration of specific additive being used). To facilitate additive handling, C & S offers assistance in the design and installation of injection systems.

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