Sub-zer0 Oil Solution (THE HOT answer to COLD problems)

SOS permits selective treatment of oils subject to extreme cold temperatures due to storage in outside tanks. It is equally effective on all distillates, including #2 heating oil, ULSD and low-sulfur diesel fuel, and all Bio-blends.

SOS serves as a simple, effective and economical means of directly improving upon the limitations of any premixed winterized product.

SOS is a super-concentrated composition of proven highly active cold flow improvers that work together to effectively provide these critical functions:

  • Yielding cold flow properties typical of at least 35-40% kerosene blends
  • Lowering pour point and cold filter plugging point (by more than 25°F.depending upon specific fuel characteristics)
  • Reducing icing tendency by controlling condensation and water buildup
  • Extending cold flow operability by retarding the precipitation, growth, and/or congealment of wax crystals and by accelerating wax reliquification
  • Inhibiting paraffin separation and deposition

SOS is sufficiently concentrated so that only a one-pint bottle will totally winterize a full 275-gallon tank of #2 home heating oil or diesel fuel.

SOS has been developed by individuals with decades of formal training and hands-on experience with every phase of fuel handling operations, system design, oil chemistry, and environmental concerns.

This additive complies with federal 15ppm low sulfur requirement for use in motor vehicles diesels.

Application: Use a consistent treatment rate of one pint of SOS per every 275 gallons of fuel (1 gal SOS per 2200 gals fuel) for all deliveries to outside tanks.
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