SLUDGE solubilizer and dispersant

SLUDGE-BAN represents an industry-recognized, proven method for the rapid elimination of sludge and sediment from oil storage tanks, filters, and lines.

SLUDGE-BAN is a highly concentrated composition of proven, highly active oil enhancers, solvents, surface active agents, water emulsifiers and inhibitors, that work together to effectively provide these critical functions:

  • Dissolving existing sludge and converting it to an oil soluble combustible liquid
  • Purging strainers, filters, and lines free of asphalts, gums, and tars
  • Preventing sludge clog-up of foot valves, suction lines, strainers, and nozzles
  • Removing water and controlling condensation formation
  • Reducing sludge-related nuisance service calls
  • Optimizing the combustion efficiency of both distillate and heavy oils

Like every chemical offered by C & S Scientific, SLUDGE-BAN has been developed by individuals with decades of formal training and hands-on experience with every phase of fuel handling operations, system design, oil chemistry and technology, and environmental considerations.

Application: For problem jobs, use one gallon SLUDGE-BAN per 1,000 gallons of distillate fuel oil capacity of the tank (or one quart per 275 gal tank).

As a preventative, use one quart per 1,000 gallons of SLUDGE-BAN (or initiate the TREAT NOW multifunctional additive program).

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