Bio-blend conditioner and cold flow improver

BIOTREAT represents a new dimension in the chemical treatment of bio-blends used as biodiesel diesel fuel and bioheat heating oil. Its unique formulation has been developed to cope with the potential problems associated with the blending of distillate fuels together with soy or other agri-based oils.

BIOTREAT helps to produce a high efficiency product by ensuring a biofuel free of handling and operating problems. It is designed to be extra effective in overcoming any cold flow problems inherent with biofuels, while maintaining long term fuel quality and stability, and inhibiting the accumulation, repolymerization, and deposit of hydrocarbon sediment and/or biosludge.

BIOTREAT is a super-concentrated composition of proven, highly active pour point depressants and deicers, oil enhancers, stabilizers, anti-oxidants, surfactants, penetrants, combustion improvers, and water and corrosion inhibitors, that work together to effectively provide these critical functions:

  • Improving the overall characteristics of all biofuels from B2 to B20
  • Providing critical winter protection by yielding cold flow properties far
  • superior to that of even a kerosene-blended hydrocarbon fuel base
  • Maintaining and extending product stability, uniformity and homogeneity
  • Inhibiting corrosion of tanks and lines and deactivating adverse reactions
  • Removing water, controlling condensation, enhancing cetane
  • Optimizing engine and/or burner efficiency
  • Creating an environment hostile to biological growth

Complies with 15ppm federal low sulfur content for use with motor vehicle diesel fuels

Application: One gallon BIOTREAT per every 1,000 — 7,500 gallons of bio-blends (depending upon which formulation is being used).